How to create project groups (collaborate on an assignment)

How it works

Project groups are created on a per assignment basis. Features:

  • Any member of the group can make deliveries on behalf of the group.
  • Any feedback given to the project group is for all group members. If you are supposed to get individual feedback, you should not be in a project group.
  • When you join a group, you get any deliveries and feedback made by the group before joining, and they get any deliveries and feedback you may have had when joining the group.
  • When you leave a group, you do not loose any deliveries and feedback. You even keep deliveries and feedback made before you joined the group.

Invite other students to join your group

If your course administrator have enabled collaboration, you can invite other students to join your group as follows:

  1. Log in to Devilry.
  2. Select the Student role on the frontpage.
  3. Select Active semester in the Navigate section at the bottom of the page.
  4. Select the assignment.
  5. You should have a Group members section in the top of the left hand column with the current group members, and an Invite students to the group link. Click the link.
  6. Use the wizard to send an invite. Other students will get their invite via email, and they can accept or decline the invite. You can delete an unanswered invite.


All students you invite to your group will given all current deliveries and feedback, even deliveries and feedbacks made before they joined the group. If they leave the group, they will keep all deliveries and feedback you have received on the assignment, even feedback and deliveries made before they joined the group.


Refer your course administrator to subjectadmin_groups if you think they should enable collaboration.

Leave a group / kick a member

You need to ask a course administrator if you want to leave a group or kick a group member. Leaving a group or kicking a member is perfectly safe. Any member leaving a group is simply moved into a complete copy of the group including all deliveries and feedback. The only difference is that the original group gets one less member, and the new group will only have one member.