Manage deadlines — for Subjectadmins

Subject administrators can create, view, move and edit deadlines using the Deadlines link on the main page for an assignment.

Overview of the deadline view

The image below is a typical deadline overview. Each of the red-marked areas is explained below the image.


Add deadline (hilighted with a red circle)

Click the Add deadline button to a add deadline to one or more groups. You can select individual groups, and Devilry has shortcuts for a couple of common choices.

Expand/collapse deadline (hilighted by a red arrow)

Deadlines start out collapsed when you enter a view. Click the deadline to expand or collapse it.

Move/edit deadline (hilighted by a red rectangle)

To move or edit (the about-text for) a deadline, expand the deadline, and select the edit-button.

You can change the deadline for only some of the groups within the deadline, effectively splitting the deadline in two. This is explained on the right-hand side of the list of groups that appear when you choose that option.

Delete deadline (hilighted by a red rectangle)

You can delete a deadline, but only superusers can delete deadlines where groups have made deliveries.

Hard VS soft deadlines

Soft or hard deadlines is configured on the left hand side in the assignment overview under the Deadline handling heading. Use the More info button to get detailed information about soft and hard deadlines.

What about examiners?

Examiners can add deadlines. It is a natural part of their workflow. Whenever they fail a student, they are asked to do one of the following:

  • Leave the student with a failing grade.
  • Give them another chance — create a new deadline.