Choose students that qualify for final exams


We have an interractive guide for this on your right-hand side on the Subjectadmin frontpage (see Finding the Subjectadmin frontpage). Select the guide, and follow its instructions.

How the qualified for final exams system works

You select the students that qualify for final exams using one of the provided plugins. Nodeadmins, or automatic exporters, read these lists to determine who can participate in the final exams.

Students can see if they are qualified for exams or not, but they can not se why they are qualified (they can not see what plugin was used, and with what settings). You should use the course website, or other approprite channels to inform your students about the requirements for final exams.

Changing or retracting

You can retract or change a saved qualified for final exams-status.


Nodeadmins are not notified when you retract or change a status. We are working on a system that handles updates/retracting, but that did not make it into the first release of the Qualifies for final exams app.

Please notify the people coordinating final exams for your department/organizational unit if you change a status.

To change a status, simply use the button at the bottom of the box at the top of the page showing a status.

No plugin fits my needs!

Contact the Devilry developers and we will try to help you.