Introduction to the Subjectadmin role


Please read, or at least take a quick look at, the Common concepts before reading this guide.

Who this guide is for

A subject is, as explained in the common concepts guide, typically a course. This means that this guide is for administrators managing a course or a period (semester) within a course. If you have yellow background color in your header, you are using the user interface for the Subjectadmin role.

The responibilities of a Subjectadmin

A Subjectadmin manage one or more Subject (course), and/or Period (semester, year, ...). They set up assignments, organize students into Groups, and assignment Examiners to give feedback to students.

Commmon tasks

Finding the Subjectadmin frontpage

The Subjectadmin frontpage is the page that you navigate to when you select the Subject administrator role (may be something like Course administrator in your local dialect), from the Devilry frontpage.

Create an assignment

We provide an interractive guide to help you create assignments. Simply go to the Subjectadmin frontpage (see Finding the Subjectadmin frontpage), and select the guide on the right hand side.

Get an overview over all your students

Select an active Period (semester, year, ...) from the Subjectadmin frontpage (see Finding the Subjectadmin frontpage), or an old/expired Period (semester, year, ...) via the link further down on the frontpage.

Under the Edit and view related information heading, you will find links to your Students, and a link to an Overview of all results. You can export (download) the overview as MS Excel, CSV, and a couple of other formats. The export-links is in the toolbar right below the page heading.