The Examiner role


Examiner is someone that writes feedback. Examiners are often one of these:

  • Someone responsible for correcting some or all students in a subject/course.
  • A teacher that corrects their own students. They are usually Period or Subject administrator in addition to Examiner.
  • Someone giving anonymous feedback on an exam.

Frequently asked questions

What can an examiner do?

Examiners can basically do anything non-destructive with groups (see Group, Candidate and Student) that they have been assigned to:

  • View all feedback for the groups.
  • Add new deadlines to their groups.
  • Give feedback.
  • Change feedback. Each change to the published feedback is logged, and the students can view all published feedback.

Examiners can not:

  • Delete groups.
  • Add new groups.
  • Add or remove students to groups.
  • Move deadlines. This is a missing feature, which will be implemented in a future release. It will be safe becuase students will remain protected because of logging of all changes. Moving deadlines is already implemented for administrators.
  • Remove deadlines from groups. We will probably allow examiners to remove deadlines without deliveries when we start allowing them to move deadlines.