Examiners — How to set examiners, and how to create feedback

How to give feedback to students when you are Subjectadmin

Starting with Devilry 1.2.1 it is no longer possible to give feedback using the Subjectadmin role. You have to make yourself examiner.

How to make yourself examiner

The easiest way of making yourself examiner is to make yourself examiner when creating a new assignment. If you are one of many examiners, you will have to make sure you are tagged appropriately. The Create new assignment wizard helps you with this when you get to that step.

The other way of making yourself examiner is to do it manually after the assignment has been created. Select an assignment, and select the Students-link. The see the help-column for more help.

How to make others examiner

This is basically the same as the previous section. Just choose other users than yourself.

What do examiners have permission to do

See What can an examiner do?.


The reason why it is no longer possible to provide feedback as Subjectadmin is that we have need to be able to optimize the workflows for examiners and subject admins independently. Mixing the roles leads to confusion in all but the most simple cases, and it increases the development time required for each change to any of the user-interfaces significantly.